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1300health Doctors Volunteer Their Service For Flood Victims


Please call us for a free consultation on 1300 432 584 

Are you in the flood affected area and need a doctor's advice?

1300health Doctors volunteer to help flooded community through this difficult time.
We are all devastated by the human misery and loss of life caused by the flooding in QLD and NSW.
The Doctors of 1300health have volunteered their time and services to provide much needed  telephone advice and comfort to those people affected by the recent floods.
1300health is happy to advise, that all people affected by the floods can now seek medical advice free of charge from 13 Jan to 20 Jan by simply calling 1300health.
This free service is available at all hours except between midnight and 6 am. 
Flood waters are not safe to drink. If you do not have access to fresh or bottled water, then you must boil the available water first for 10 minutes before drinking, use in cooking, washing fruit and vegetables, and brushing teeth.
Swinging the billy around a few times can help settle any sediments.