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APRIL 2020


  • Support the Government's guidelines for avoidance and spread of infection
  • Take good care of yourselves ,your families and persons in need
  • Take additional Vitamin C, Cod liver oil , and zinc to support your immune system
  • Have a working thermometer handy
  • Wear masks and gloves when going out

1300HEALTH was founded by Dr Josef Goldbaum MD in 2006 in response to the shortage of doctors at the time in rural and remote Australia .

This service is now undergoing modifications to adapt to the current Covid - 19 pandemic.

The Covid - 19 Pandemic (? Epidemic) has brought much of the world to a standstill. Nobody wants to catch this deadly virus and suffer its consequences. There is currently no effective cure and a vaccine is still 12 months away at least.

There are however known avenues of prevention and avoidance. I believe that one gram of prevention is better than a kilo of cure.

Who of us wants to die alone in hospital hooked up to a ventilator.

So please follow the Government's rules for avoidance and spread of this nasty infection.

  • Do your part to 'flatten the curve'
  • Protect yourselves, your families and your friends.
  • Help those who cannot do so themselves
  • Keep your immune systems healthy with additional Vitamin C,Cod liver oil capsules and zinc.
  • Excercise daily and maintain an hours exposure to daylight
  • Have a working thermometer handy
  • Wear gloves and mask when shopping or near other people.