We are not an emergency service. For ALL emergency CALL 000 NOW.

1300 health Doctors

1300 health is a telephone and internet based Telehealth medical advisory service. We are currently onboarding  experienced doctors to join our team.  Please forward all your intention to register directly to info@1300health.net.au.

Who are we looking for?

1300 health is looking for experienced GPs and semi-retired Doctors who wish to continue to use their profession for the good of the community.

Minimum 15 years experience
is required.

What does 1300 health offer?

If you are the Doctor we are looking for, 1300 health can provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Apply your knowledge and experience to help those in need
  • Consult with complete flexibility
  • Log on and off at your discretion
  • Receive earnings calculated as a fixed fee
    per consulation
  • Receive immediate payment on completion of patient summary

Experienced Doctors Required

We believe that GPs with about 15 years experience in general practice can take an appropriate medical history, ask relevant questions, arrive at a reasoned diagnosis and provide the patient with a workable immediate solution ,despite the inability to immediately examine the patient.

About 1300 health

1300 health is NOT an emergency medical service; 1300healthutilises a fully integrated patient and practice management platform to provide a complete cloud based Telemedicine service with our without video.

1300Health is a private Telehealth medical service funded by the enquirer and/or Medicare.

1300 health is a fully private, enquirer funded health service that allows the public to discuss their immediate health concern with a trusted source of health information.

1300 health is suited to any doctors in fulltime or part time practice, retired or semiretired, who prefer to work from home or the golf course, or who may be on holidays or traveling.


All Telehealth doctors are required to have appropriate medical indemnity insurance and be registered with AHPRA.  A separate Provider number will be necessary. Details TBA.