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Get a second opinion

Have you ever come away from the doctor's rooms still unsure as to what is wrong with you, and confused about what you should do next?

When was the last time you or a member of your family wanted a second opinion, but didnn't know where to go to get it?

The professionals at 1300 Health are happy to review your medical history, photographs, test results, Xrays and specialist opinions, to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis.

Simply forward us an electronic version of your files and give permission for our expert medical team to view them.

All the information you submit, and subsequent correspondences between you and the doctors, will remain strictly confidential and as secure as modern technology allows.

1300 Health will respond to your submission within a reasonable period of time. We may ask you further questions and even ask you to undergo more tests under the supervision of your regular GP. Please keep in mind that our doctors do not have the benefit of examining you and thus can only comment on what you tell them.

Fees charged will of course depend on the complexity of your problem.

The minimum fee is $110 for a straight forward problem. More complex problems may attract additional fees in multiples of $55 to a maximum of $330.

Medicare rebatable Telehealth consultations may also be required to properly assess your problem