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List Your Business

Provide patients with key information about you and your practice.

The world of marketing to promote your services continues to change rapidly. Newspapers, Magazines, Television & media have until recently been the mainstays of self promotion.

These means of marketing are rapidly losing their market share to internet (web) based marketing services for the main reason that the population searches the web (Internet) for what they need.

There are numerous search engines running today with Google being for and above the most used, the most sophisticated and the most expensive.

There are many directories of one sort or another that purport to be the best, newest, brightest etc and promise to offer you so many views & click through.  But at what cost and at what price?

In addition 1300 Health offers a doctor manned telephone advisory services and more leisurely medical (health ) second opinion service.

The 1300health directory is a must for the listing of your primary health service. You are able to just have your service listed with us, enhance your listing with our premier package, or go all the way with our Top Spot program. How busy do you wish to become?