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APRIL 2020


  • Support the Government's guidelines for avoidance and spread of infection
  • Take good care of yourselves ,your families and persons in need
  • Take additional Vitamin C, Cod liver oil , and zinc to support your immune system
  • Have a working thermometer handy
  • Wear masks and gloves when going out

1300HEALTH was founded by Dr Josef Goldbaum MD in 2006 in response to the shortage of doctors at the time in rural and remote Australia .

Medical Consultation Call

 A Telephone consultation with a medical consultant

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Sick At Work - Presenteeism

A study commissioned by Medibank Private in May 2007 found that presenteeism cost Australian businesses and the economy over $25 Billion in 2005-2006. The economic strain associated with presenteeism is almost four times that of absenteeism.

An average of six working days of productivity each year is lost for each employee, as a result of presenteeism.

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I am very excited to have this News & Views section included on the 1300 Health website.

Newsworthy items of a medical/ health nature, views and opinions by health experts and others, as well as general topics of common interest, will be posted here regularly.

Our first article is directed to Corporate and other business and relates to their most valuable asset: the employee.

Sick Leave - Absenteeism

1300 health Doctors

Experienced Doctors Required

We believe that GPs with about 15 years experience in general practice can take an appropriate medical history, ask relevant questions, arrive at a reasoned diagnosis and provide the patient with a workable immediate solution ,despite the inability to immediately examine the patient.

About 1300 health

1300 health is NOT an emergency medical service; 1300healthutilises a fully integrated patient and practice management platform to provide a complete cloud based Telemedicine service with our without video.

1300 Health Patients

Put your mind at ease, with advice from

What is 1300 health?

1300Health was established in 2006 as a National Telehealth medical and GP consulting service.  The  hours of operation are 7 AM to 10 pm ,7 days a week.

1300health operates as both as an in hours GP Telehealth service and an After Hours Telehealth service staffed by experienced GPs